The Separation
'Retire your engines' CD
Engineer Records
Fresh 5-piece band from London releasing their first full length album by the already established label Engineer Records (with departments in USA and UK).
The guys have hired the following people to help them out with their first release:
-for mixing and engineering the whole album: John Mitchell & Ben Humphries (Enter Shikari, Architects, You Me At Six).
- for the mastering: Tim Turan (Emperor, Hurt Process).
-for the artwork: Adam Bentworth (My Chemical Romance, Coheed & Cambria).
It seems that they wanna become big, not necessarily in Japan (sic), but at least in Europe. So, next time you buy Rock Sound, Big Cheese or Kerrang, check out the back pages, you may read an interview with them.
To be honest, The Separation are super duper catchy. But this doesn't mean that they are not good. The opposite...
They remind me of Lost Prophets (not musically) and all the success they did in their early years. Their fine blend of emo rock, post-hardcore and pop-punk rock is unbeatable.
They fuel their music with influences from Rise Against, Foo Fighters and At The Drive In, at the same time. The vocals are great, while the guitar riffs are catchier than catchy.
The 3 first songs of 'Retire your engines' are exactly the 3 first songs that any upcoming record must have in order to grab the listeners from the balls (or whatever...).
These guys have the potential to become big, if they aren't already.
If we care or not about this, is another issue, though...