Wait In Vain
'Seasons' LP
Panic Records
Seattle straight edge is back on the map...
Fronted by Timm Mcintosh (formerly of Trial and Champion), Wait In Vain is undoubtedly a band that you have to put your attention at. They also feature members of Sinking Ships and Set Your Goals on the guitars, while the drums of 'Seasons' were recorded by Alexei Rodriguez (Trial, Walls Of Jericho). Besides all that 'all star band' hype, Wait In Vain is a unique band, that I dare to say has managed to become influential with only a couple of years of existence.
I also dare to say that Wait In Vain are today's Trial. Word.
Their first full length (they have a demo out, released by Catalyst Records in vinyl format, as well) includes 10 songs of hardcore music and culture, in the vein of Trial, Burn, Judge and Verse. The production is rad, while the technique of the band's members is of a high level and that leads to a high quality result.
Don't expect beatdowns and 'true till death' cries, don't even expect straight edge cliches and shitty statements. This is music that touches your heart & mind.
What I like the most are the lyrics, they are deep and thorough. You can check some explanations at their myspace site, as well.
'Seasons' were originally released by the awesome label Think Fast Records on CD format, while Panic Records (Seattle based label, owned by Timm Mcintosh if I'm right, home for Outrage, Another Breath and At Half Mast, among others) put it out in vinyl, limited to 500 copies. I know that you don't care but I'm lucky enough to own one of the 100 copies in blue grey haze vinyl, ha!
It's a pity that Wait In Vain had to cancel some of their shows from the 2 months european tour with Outrage last summer / Septembers, so we cancelled their Greek show as well... Maybe next time, even if I see that they are a bit inactive nowadays...

P.S. Thanx to Ms. Danai for the corrections!