'Keelhaul's triumphant return to obscurity' CD
Hydrahead Records
Triumpant: having achieved victory or success / exulting over victory / splendid, magnificent.
Obscurity: the condition of being unknown / darkness, dimness.
Keelhaul: to haul an offender under the bottom of a ship and up on the other side as a punishment / amazing band from Cleveland that just released a fucking great record combining in its title the above words.
No reviewer can describe such a record.
What do you want me? To state influences or judge the production and the artwork?!
You losers, haha!
Buy this or fuck off.

P.S. Those who missed their winter show in Greece (including me) can go and spend hundreds of euros in summer festivals and alchocol festivities and then moan about not watching cool shows in this shithole.