Zero Mentality
'Black rock' CD
Let It Burn Records
I follow Zero Mentality since their split with The Setup back in 2006.
They have already released 2 albums for GSR / Demons Run Amok (CD / vinyl respectively), a split MCD with The Heartbreak Motel (Demons Run Amok), plus a demo 7" back in 2004 (Dead Serious Recordings). My fav is their album 'Invite your soul'; that was something unique and groundbreaking for the European hardcore.
Nowadays, Zero Mentality has signed to the super cool label Let It Burn (based in Munich) and have become major, playing fests with Slayer and Korn and touring with Pro-Pain (next week).
Moreover, their music has become mainstream enough for my taste, just to be honest.
It seems that Zero Mentality want to forget their hardcore / punk roots and urge to become famous...
'Black Rock' starts with a sooo catchy song that you'll either love it or laugh with it, it's like AC / DC jamming with an MTV goth band. I like it, if you want my opinion.
Moreover, there are moments that Zero Mentality's music brings in my mind Paradise Lost, Sentensed, Him, Rotting Christ, goth, Rammstein, heavy metal ballads. Don't know...
I'm very confused.
You can find german / english / female vocals, solos, chugga chugga riffs, pianos, dark atmosphere, everything...
There's nothing related to hardcore or punk rock in this album for sure.
Even the band photos are not cool at all, for me.
The production is awesome of course; Jacob Bredahl (Hatesphere's singer) in Denmark.
To conclude with, this record is not bad at all, all the songs are well-structured and the musicians have great capability, but there's a 'but'...