Cut The Reins
'Man made dust' CD
self - released
When I read in Cut The Reins' myspace that the band called it quits, the first thought that occured my mind was 'wtf, one more band that disband before I review the CD the had sent me when they were active...'. Seriously, it seems nowadays that bands do not last for a long time due to a variety of reasons. The most important reason seems to be the different attitude between band members concerning the goals they wanna achieve with each band...
So, Cut The Reins called it quits, even if they recently released a new 7" with America's Expendable Youth.
Focusing on 'Man made dust'. the CD comes in a cool digipack case with high quality artwork, including a mini poster with lyrics and amazing drawings.
There are 9 songs of DIY punk rock meets hardcore meets crust style, that will remind you both of Kid Dynamite & From Ashes Rise. My favorite song is by far 'Toxic Creek'.
To be honest, I find this CD a bit boring and I'd prefer a mini CD with 4 songs straight to the point. But whatever...
It's sad that bands with the potential to become better, like Cut The Reins, quit and others with nothing to say since years still play and get famous...