My Defense
'Make a choice' MCD
self - released
'Let's sing along... Don't be so shy! Let's puke our lungs out until our rage is gone. Once and for all! This is our way! Our own yoga shit.' - quote from song titled 'Yoga shit'.
This is the 3rd record I review for My Defense, this underground band / local heroes from Cologne, Germany featuring little Perry from Athens doing the vocal duties. I only missed their 2005 demo.
So, My Defense continue the old school DIY way with this 6 song promo CD, limited to 100 copies (hand-numbered), that comes in cool slim case with stencil drawings.
The new songs are in the same style as their older ones, that means powerful, energetic and melodic hardcore / punk rock that draws influences varying from So-Cal to New York Hardcore, and bands like Ignite, Good Riddance, Sick Of It All and 7 Seconds.
Perry's voice is super melodic and the guitar riffs are technical enough and this gives extra points to My Defense. What My Defense miss in this MCD is the catchiness that their previous recordings had. The songs need many listens to stick in your mind and make you sing-along!
That statement is either bad nor good. It's just ok, if you can get me! But some of you may get bored after song no.3, but don't give up, keep on listening and you'll get a better feeling, trust me!
That's all. Let's see when we'll hook My Defense up with a show in Athens...
Perry owes me a t-shirt for this review, by the way, haha!