Trapped Under Ice
'Secrets of the world' CD / LP
Reaper Records / Demons Run Amok
This record was one of the most anticipated hardcore releases of 2009.
TUI had already released a must have EP, called 'Stay Cold', back in 2008 and a split 7" with UK's Dirty Money,since their inception back in 2007. Moreover, they had established their name in the hardcore soon very very fast!
Trapped Under Ice (one of the coolest band names ever) offer 12 songs of heavy hardcore music influenced by classic hardcore acts like Cro-Mags, Breakdown and Crown Of Thornz, with a modern approach.
If you are into bands like Cold World, Bitter End and Terror, you'll dig this for sure.
All songs are great, with 'Believe' (feat. guest vocals by Stout's singer), 'From Birth' and 'Gemini' being my favorites!
I can't stop listening to this record. There's something that makes it both heavy and catchy and I really love this.
Lyricwise, it's interesting, as well. As I read in the press release 'TUI front man Justice uses his personal experiences as allegory to the decaying society surrounding his urban enviroment'. That means lyrics about stories from the port city of Baltimore, Maryland, personal issues and the world. I'm definitely into this kind of lyrics, too.
'Secrets of the world' was released in both CD and LP format by Reaper Records in USA and in CD format by the German label Demons Run Amok.
The production is rad; the album was recorded by Dean Baltulonis (who has also worked with Sick Of It All, Bouncing Souls and American Nightmare, among others) in Queens, NY.
The artwork is a highlight, too.