Remain Opposed
'Time waits for no one' CD
Pee Records
It's always a special time when I get a new package from Pete - Pee Records.
My Aussie buddy makes sure that the content will be of high quality.
So, here we have Remain Opposed's new full length album, which follows 2007's 'In the shadows we dance' EP (out from Pee Records, as well). 'Time waits for no one' includes 13 songs of melodic punk rock music with a hardcore edge, reminiscent of bands like Ignite, Good Riddance and Strung Out.
A strong So-Cal influence is obvious, as you can figure out.
But the band that comes the most to my mind when I listen to this CD is Pour Habit (new in Fat Wreck). Especially the vocals sound too similar I cannot distinguish the difference between the two bands, ha!
You know, it's that high pitched yet rough voice, like a combination between Ignite's Zoli and The Offsprings' Derek.
All in all, it's a very cool CD with professional production and a kickass layout featuring Melbourne streetscape, the band's hometown.
It won't change your life, but will make you happy for some moments, for sure!