Escape / Turned Page / Burn My Bridges
'Bridge the gap' 3 way split CD
Kawaii | Holdstill | Hidden Value
This is an international 3 way hardcore split featuring Escape from Puchong, Malaysia, Turned Page from Nevers, France and Burn My Bridges from Seoul, South Korea.
All bands play old school hardcore varying from modern style to 80s Boston stuff.
Escape (www.myspace.com/escapehc) are active since 2007 and their 4 songs are more into Champion versus Bane style. They have also released a demo back in 2008 called 'See It Through'.
Turned Page (www.myspace.com/turnedpagehc) play since 2007, too, and these songs are the only songs they've ever released. They're deeply influenced by bands like Go It Alone, Final Fight and Comeback Kid.
Last but not least, Burn My Bridges (www.myspace.com/xburnmybridgesx) is in Townhall Records' roster (along with bands like The Geeks, Things We Say and Flame Still Burns) and they recently released a new EP called 'Die Hard'.
'Bridge the gap' is a very cool DIY split representing positive hardcore from Europe and Asia.
Grab it wherever you find it!
I'm now going to email David - Kawaii about Thrashington DC's new LP, awesome!