Run With The Hunted
'Everything familiar' CD
Refoundation Records
'there's music in the sky if you know how to listen up. there's power in the soil if you let yourself believe. and there's good company to be found at eye level. stop looking up. stop feeling down. stop trying to be found. lose yourself. there's a liar in everything familiar', quote from the song 'time and pressure'.
fuck fuck fuck.
One of the best records I've heard in 2009. Maybe the best. It's the 5th time I'm listening to it today. Thanks to Ric - Refoundation for gaving me this during last year's Fluff. I know it's been ages since then, but I'm a busy guy you all know, ha!
Run With The Hunted dudes come from Phoenix, Arizona (USA) and they are deeply influenced by bands like Trial, The Hope Conspiracy, The Suicide File and Shai Hulud.
Besides that their music is so fucking unique that you'll love it, believe me. It's amazing! Dark yet refreshing, melancholic yet hopeful, hardcore yet music. Word.
'Everything familiar' is a combination of their first 2 releases, 'Destroy All Calendars' (originally by Glory Kids Records, 2009) and 'Find Your Way Out' (originally by Rebuild Records, 2007) that was released by the Italian vegan/straight edge/politics - friendly label Refoundation.
Heartfelt, socially and politically driven, hardcore for open-minded hardcore kids.
I don't like the cover too much, but in the end, who cares.
It's a shame that a band like Run With The Hunted is still not known in the Greek hardcore scene.