Despite Everything
brand new 7"s
The time I was about to pick up and review another CD from the pile lying on my desk, Jack (of Despite Everything, Endsight, ex-925 fame) gave me a nudge in msn sending me all the songs from the 2 upcoming Despite Everything's 7" releases. A huge smile was drawn in my shitfaced face (sic) and an exclamation of surprise woke up the resident of the 2nd floor who always annoys me. So, here we are. Go on and read this while listening to some of the songs in their myspace site. The guys head out for a BIG euro tour from 26th Feb to 27th March, so they'll probably appear in a shithole near you; check out the tour schedule in their site.
The greek ones buy the 7"s during their welcome back show with A New Day (UK) and Ruined Families in Katarameno Syndromo on Saturday 27th March 2010 (release date as well).
We have to change these desperate times with our bear hands.

'In Desperate Times'
'In Desperate Times' was supposed to be released back in September 2009, to coincide with the first Despite Everything show ever. That 'Prison' song was already famous and local punk rock / hardcore scenesters were singing along to its lyrics while bathing. But something occured and the 7" was never released. Only God (and Despite Everything) know the reason why. Nevertheless, better late than never! To start with, the cover is a killer, designed by local artist Ermis (a very talented guy, also responsible for Immigrant Zine drawings and some killer posters for KS94 and Villa Amalias shows), and then... the songs... oh dude/tte, the songs fucking rule. Billy's voice is awesome, while the rocking guitars, the strong rhythm section and that Hot Water Music vs Astpai vs ex-925 vs Despite Everything matchlessness is unbeatable. I enjoy all the songs, with 'Prison' being my fav and 'Stings Like Hell' being my less fav. Well done!
Update: Jack just informed me that 'Prison' won't be in the 7". It'll be included in a CD, along with the other songs of both 7"s, that will be released soon to support their euro-tour.
'With Bear Hands'
7" no.2! First of all, a 2nd 7" (that means 4 new songs) in such a short period of time proves that the guys are unstoppable and creative as hell. 'With Bear Hands' features artwork by Zahos (Despite Everything's drummer and winner of last year's 7ply project!). So, let's get into the most important thing! The songs in this 7" are more mature and well-structured than 'In Desperate Times'. It seems that Despite Everything have slowed down a bit, focusing more in the melodies and not too much in the aggressiveness. I'm not saying that 'In Desperate Times' was aggressive, but it was a little bit more rough than this one. The guitar riffs are so catchy (and sometimes -may I use the term?- pop!) that will stick in your mind, while the drumming and the bass lines are sooo good. They even use tambourine! And what's that sound in the end of 'Just a friendly reminder'? Synths or just guitar? Bill's voice is fucking awesome once again (Jack sings too but his voice is more in the background, if I'm not wrong). Despite Everything is by far the best punk rock band based in Greece nowadays.