Still Screaming
'From the ashes of a dead time' CD
WTF Records
Still Screaming are back with a great record!
Featuring Dennis from Brightside (for those that don't know) the band is getting stronger month after month and have already built a strong fanbase and gain a reputation in the Euro-hardcore scene.
The new album includes 14 songs of NYHC vs Eurocore; think a mixture of Backfire with Right Direction and early Biohazard or of a more melodic & fresher version of Brightside and Ryker's. Kid D from Ryker's offers guest vocals in the song 'Indeed', by the way!
Dennis' vocals are as always rad, while Matzo's vocals are very improved and in the same quality as Dennis', much better than the vocal style in 'Reality ain't truth' 7"!
'From the ashes of a dead time' features killer (literally killer, haha!) artwork by The Almighty Godmachine designs (also responsible for some Caliban, HSB, Cataract etc. stuff) and a rad production (mastered by Andy Classen)
An awesome record for those that remember nostalgically the old European hardcore days
Song titled 'No time to regret' is already a classic. Check out a hip hop mix, done by Dextra, included in the record, too.