'Football, drinks & rock 'n' roll' CD
Anfibio Records
The long awaited new full length of Bootstroke is finally out...or to be honest it's out since last year but considering the lazy wa(n)ker I am, I write this review being late as ever. So, better late than never, once more...
To start with, Bootstroke is the best greek skinhead oi! / street punk rock band, that celebrates its first decade of existence these days. They are active in the local scene and have already played a lot of festivals, one-off shows almost everywhere in Europe, along with bands like Cockney Rejects, Sham 69, Deadline, Toxpack, Discipline, Evil Conduct and more...
Their new album was released by the well-known Italian label Anfibio Records and features 10 songs that kids in Greece already know, and sing along to, since a couple of years or more.
The style is street punk with a lot of rock 'n' roll stitches and of course oi! influences. I dare to say that the new Bootstroke CD is not just close to the traditional oi! sound, imitating the classic bands, but more open-minded and unique. And you know, that oi! is not my cup of tea.
I really like the lyrics of some of the songs that do not follow the usual cliches of the genre, it seems that Bootstroke are more mature than ever.
The cover is a classic, as you can see, while the production is awesome.
Bootstroke are playing this Saturday with The Oppressed in a very promising show.