'Secrets' CD
World's Appreciated Kitsch
I'll try to be as objective as I can for this review, because Eternal Hated's 'Secrets' is the brand new release of World's Appreciated Kitsch so as you can guess we loved this record even before it was officially released...
Nevertheless, I've already written somewhere that 'Secrets' is probably the most complete metalcore album that ever came out from Greece. In spite of the young age of the band's members, Eternal Hated have managed to release a very mature and professional record that could easily break the narrow local borders and push Eternal Hated forward to new fields and horizons. The band has the potential to become huge and they will definitely achieve this with hard work and a 'down to earth' attitude.
'Secrets' includes 10 songs of modern metalcore in the vein of As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage and All Shall Perish, with some Evergreen Terrace and Converge stitches, but with a more complicated and unique approach. And this is the strong point here. Eternal Hated do not imitate or copy - paste the original bands but manage to create a personal sound.
The vocals vary from growls and screams to melodic clean ones, the rhythm section is heavy and tight, while the guitar riffs are technical yet catchy. 'Secrets' has a great clean production, too, that helps the band unfold their creativity and shape it in the best way.
The CD is professionally packaged with a very nice layout, including lyrics and info.
The more I listen to this record, the more I love it!

The hidden song with clean vocals and acoustic guitar is just awesome...
P.S.2 Watch out for the ltd edition pizza boxes including a CD, a brand new T-shirt and 2 buttons in a discount price!