split CD
Here we have a split CD combining the songs of the 7"s of Unveil and Deadverse, 2 of the best new hardcore bands based in Switzerland.
Unveil offer the 4 songs of their 2009 well-acclaimed 7" 'Destruction wherever I go' (out on Start A Fire Records), while Deadverse contribute all the 7 songs from their self-titled and self-released 7", from 2009 as well.
On the one hand, Unveil are into vegetarian / vegan ideals touching political issues with their style being heavy and powerful 90s hardcore in the vein of Unbroken, Morning Again, Strife and Trial.
On the other hand, Deadverse's songs are more technical, while drawing nfluences from bands like Husker Du, Jawbreaker and Refused, screamo & post-hardcore, so as you can figure out they are a bit different than your average 2010 hardcore band.
Both bands rule, even though I slightly prefer Unveil!
A very useful release for the ones that wanna get into Swiss hardcore.