Demo 2009 CDR
Beggars and Gentry is a new band from Switzerland featuring members and/or ex-members of bands like Animal Instinct, Dry Conditions, Within Walls, Fall Apart and Liferide.
Their first demo was released by the band itself as a CD-R with photocopied inserts, while, last month, the great upcoming hardcore label, Take It Back Records (www.myspace.com/takeitbackrec), took the decision to put out 100 cute tapes including the Beggars and Gentry demo.
So, here we have 4 songs + an intro of old school hardcore in the vein of Cro-Mags! There are some newer parts reminding you of The Hope Conspiracy too, while there's a huge rock 'n' roll a la Turbonegro touch, as well.
All in all, a nice demo to start with! I'm waiting patiently for their next release!
By the way, a song title like 'Cobain's decision', song lyrics like 'world peace can't be done said John and was so fucking right' (referring to John Joseph and Cro-Mags) and a band name like Beggars and Gentry, indicate that the guys have a lot of potential!