'18.61' CD
Deathwish Inc.
So, finally the new 108 album is out. Actually, it's gonna be released...tomorrow!
Unfortunately, a couple of weeks before the release date of '18.61' the lead singer of the band, Robert Fish, left 108. The band split up for some days and then decided to go on as a trio.
Consequently, the band is still alive and will perform in their scheduled dates, so no worries!
I definitely know that many of you are pissed off with the constant split ups and reunions of 108, but overcome it because the new album is a killer...
First things first... '18.61' comes from the 61st couplet of the 18th section of Bhagavad Gita and means 'The controller of all lies at the heart of the machine and connects its wires to the living being who is under its spell.'
Krishna influenced once again, as you can figure out, 108 deliver a 10 song album of intense 90s hardcore music incl. well-structured songs, technical riffs and the fucking great vocals of Robert Fish.
The album was recorded by Alex Garcia - Rivera (ex-Give Up The Ghost) and mixed at Godcity studios by Kurt Ballou (Converge). The artwork rules once again or is it just me that I love the Krishna covers?!
Having listened to this album for more than 15 times since I got it (late March), I can undoubtedly claim that it is a masterpiece.