'City of quartz' 12"
Chorus Of One Records
I 'follow' Nine Eleven since their 'Use your disillusion' album back in 2007. I still remember getting some copies for my distro from I For Us Records (their Belgian label that time) and trying to sell them during the local shows, even if noone seemed to care... 2 years later I had the chance to share the stage with them in their Athens show and watch them live in their show in Larissa the day after. Nine Eleven have improved so much that I got confused whether they were the 'Use your disillusion' band or not, haha!
So, back to 'City of quartz'... First of all, 'City of quartz is also the name of a book that Mike Davis wrote telling the story of Los Angeles from its missionary and protestant backgrounds. City Of quartz shows the way we move in the modern world...' Quite interesting, don't you think?
The 'City of quartz' vinyl features 11 Nine Eleven songs in the vein of Modern Life Is War, Bane, Comeback Kid, Have Heart and Verse - era hardcore music. Amazing songs, if you want my opinion... Moreover, the lyrics are maybe the most thought-provoking ones I have ever read from a modern hardcore band. Song titles like 'The new shame of punk to come', 'In bed with Madonna' and 'White trash kids = Redneck geeks' absolutely rule.
The artwork is awesome too, while there's a CD that comes along for free with the vinyl, for the ones that do not have a turntable or their turntable is shitty and broke (like mine, haha!).
Go get it. I still carry copies in my distro. Don't do the same mistake as with 'Use your disillusion'.