's/t' CD
Funtime Records
The Rocket is a brand new band from Belgium featuring ex-members of local acts like Skyrocket John and Gino's Eyeball, and sharing the vocalist with another cool band called Second Base (they just joined Funtime, as well).
To be honest, the poppy / college punk rock style that The Rocket are into is totally not my cup of tea. I mean, I can easily listen to this CD a sunny afternoon while drinking my coffee or driving in the highway, but that's it, nothing more.
Moreover, the lyrics are -sorry to say- dumb enough and all of you that are reading this blog since its inception know that I hate dumb lyrics. Yeah, I know, that bands are not supposed to sing only for catastrophes, wars and the financial crisis, but dude who fucking cares if you still love your ex-girlfriend or if you have oral sex with somebody other's current girl?!
Nevertheless, if you are into Blink 182, Fall Out Boy or Motion City Soundtrack, you'll propably like this. The production is rad and the whole packaging is alright, except of the band photo featuring them in uniform appearance, imitating Me, First & The Gimme Gimmes, I guess...
There's a cover of The Venga Boys, a famous eurodance pop band from The Netherlands, too. Whatever...