You Are In My September
'To the open hearts' CD
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Judging from the packaging and the whole artwork of this release, I'd say that 'To the open hearts' is a fantastic record! The digipack case is so amazingly illustrated that I fell in love with this record before even giving it a listen...
So, You Are In My September come from Minsk, Belarus and exist since 2005; 'To the open hearts' is their debut full length album, though. The record features 12 songs of chaotic hardcore / metal in the vein of Converge and the likes. Their influences vary from mathcore and screamo to post-hardcore and from electronic stuff to power violence, while they manage to create an atmosphere that sometimes is fueled with positive yet melancholic emotions and some other times with anxiety and maniacal vibes.
The band sings in its native language, but there are translations in english included in the booklet. Concerning the production, it's clear and tight. The record was mixed at Godcity Studios by Kurt Ballou (Converge)!
You Are In My September tour in the Eastern Europe with Celeste from France this May.
'We are the hurricane. We are the alliance of thunder and lightning. We breathe fire and fury. We are the hands on your pulse. We will beg you, we will bemoan you, yell with your voices and stand behind your backs, increasing your rage!'.