Cut Short / Burdens
split 7"
Get This Right Records
This 7" is the 2nd release of the new hardcore label based in Pennsylvania, USA, Get This Right Records. We'll post a review of their 1st release (the Daylight 10") sometime in the following weekend!
So, this is a definitely awesome split record that is served in black / clear (half & half) vinyl and comes with a download link courtesy of Deathwish Inc. Also, the cover is a kickass one feat. wolves and a wreckage of a house. Fucking cool.
Musicwise, each band contributes with 3 songs.
A side features Newark's (Delaware) Cut Short, a band formed by young guys aging from 18-21 years old. They have managed to release a self titled 7" in 2009, too. Their music is heavy yet technical hardcore, in the vein of Integrity, Ringworm, Cursed, Rise & Fall with a slight Cro-Mags influence in the bass section. Really intense and angry as hell. One of the three songs is instrumental.
On the other side, Philadelphia's Burdens offer 3 songs of fast & heavy hardcore with a tight production. Fans of Throats, Integrity, Converge and Rise & Fall will love them.They have already released a demo CD as well.
A definitely great release, get it for 5 bucks from our distro.