Driven Fear
'Society's finest' MCD
Pee Records
The 34th release of the Aussie label Pee Records is a blast. To be honest, it is one of the best releases Pee Records put out in the last years. Driven Fear breath fresh air and confidence for the Australian hardcore / punk scene.
Forming in Brisbane 5 years ago, Driven Fear have already released a full length called 'And the battle still continues...' but this 7-song EP captures their current maturity in the best way.
Their music is ferocious, fast & furious, heavy hardcore / punk in the vein of Raised Fist, Ruiner and Down To Nothing, with a slight Sick Of It All influence and a few melodic parts like early Good Riddance.
The lyrics deal with social / political issues and are really nice yet a bit pessimistic.
The production of the record is awesome; Sam Johnson (Mindsnare, 50 Lions and Day Of Contempt) took care of the recordings while Alan Douches (most hype mastering head the last years) did the mastering in West West Side Studios, New York.
I really like the attitude of the layout, even though I'd expect a better cover.
Go listen to Driven Fear now.