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Cruzade Records | Words Are Weapons
I've been following Oppugno since their 'Unidos para luchar' CD back in 2006, which was their first full length album. A bunch of years later they return with their new effort, this self-titled 9 song CD.
Musicwise they have improved a lot since 'Unidos para luchar' but have not changed their style at all. They play heavy brutal hardcore not unlike Hatebreed, Sworn Enemy, Arkangel and the likes. Some call this tough guy hardcore, some others just metallic hardcore; you decide.
There are a lot of metallic riffs for sure, beatdowns and mid-tempo parts, while the vocals are Jasta-influenced. All their lyrics and everything included in the -very nice- booklet are in Spanish language (I forgot to inform you that Oppugno come from Castellon, Spain), so I cannot understand much, even though the Spanish lessons I took some years ago help me to figure out that the band is strongly political influenced.
The CD includes a professional video clip for the song 'Educar no es ensenar', as well.