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Catch The Soap Productions
Nechayevschina is translated in english as 'Nechayev's manners'. For the unaware ones, Sergey Nechayev was born in 1847 and died in his cell 35 years later; he's known as a revolutionary anarchist person associated with the nihilist movement, while his ideals upon revolution can be described as rather extreme.
Enough with the history tips. Here we have the first MCD of this Athens based band ironically called Nechayevschina. The release includes 2 songs lasting around 24 minutes. Their style is definitely post rock with a lot of psychedelic and ambient moments, while there's a Joy Division aura among the 2 songs, as well.
To be honest, I'm not a specialist in this kind of music (I'm not a specialist in any kind of music) so if you wanna read influences, bands, look - alikes etc. you are reading the wrong review.
What I simply know is that this CD is a very good companion for your lonely nights while reading Charles Bukowski. I really like it.
I also dig the artwork which is amazing. Purple / gold screen-printed in black paper!
Tons of congratulations to Catch The Soap Productions; we are more than happy to start reviewing their releases at last!