A glimpse to the days that pass CD
Catch The Soap Productions
I was thinking of posting this review before last night's show, but due to laziness and busy-ness (that's business I guess, eh?) I didn't manage to do it. So, here we are, one day forward!
Afformance is one of the most active local post-rock bands and they exist for a half a decade, even though the first time I watched them live was just yesterday... Moreover, John (one of the 3 Afformance guitarists) is 1/2 owner of Catch The Soap Productions, one of the best local booking / record labels.
'A glimpse to the days that pass' was released in 500 hand-painted, hand-numbered, hand-folded, hand-screenprinted copies. Each cover is unique! Some of you may know that I pay much attention to the art section of a record and this one is probably one of the best decorated & packaged greek records I've ever put my hands on. Seriously.
Musicwise, the band performs great post-rock music with a lot of alternative, ambient and post-core influences. Bands like Red Sparrowes, Pelican ('Australasia' era), God Is An Astronaut and Mogway come in my mind while listening to Afformance. But, after all, their music is unique with a lot of personal touches and that is very important for me. You know, the last years post rock is very famous and hyped in Greece, almost every foreign and local band with the 'post' label following them gains a lot of attention. The truth is that only a bunch of bands deserve that 'hype', and Afformance is one of them. Go and check them out.

P.S. 7 out of the 8 songs included in 'A glimpse...' are instrumental. There's that awesome song called 'Do', though, which features guest vocals by Chrisa / National Pornografik.