To a falling world CD
Athens Noise
The new Endsight full length is a blast.
To be honest, I was expecting something 'too typical metalcore' for my taste, but it seems that the band has matured a lot since the For What Is Worth (their ex-name) era and they have managed to release an awesome metallic yet hardcore 8-song CD.
First of all, the production kicks ass, heavy and tight as hell, with a strong rhythm section to uplift the songs, crushing guitars and screaming vocals that sound much better than their live appearances.
Secondly, the 7 songs plus the intro, are frenetic, passionate and fresh, while they are short enough (that means around 3,5 min. each) to not bore you at all. Sometimes I get bored during the Endsight shows because they tend to play wayyy too much. I believe that half an hour is the perfect set for a band like Endsight. Anyway...
Their music has improved to a Darkest Hour meets From Ashes Rise / Tragedy meets At The Gates style, with a lot of melodic and technical parts, and some crust stitches.
What the new CD lacks is a cool packaging... I mean, I like the cover and the whole artwork, but I'd prefer to have a proper case (instead of a slim one) including a booklet, lyrics etc. It's a pity that the CD seems like a promo, while the music inside kicks ass.
Nevermind, you can download the record for free, if you visit their myspace!

P.S. High fives to Athens Noise crew for helping the greek hardcore / punk scene. This is their first release after the Despite Everything CD.