I Want You Dead
We are the legions of scums LP
Fuck. That hurt.
The upcoming I Want You Dead debut full length album will rip you apart.
This is not the soundtrack for easy times and careless nights.
Let's get this straight...
I Want You Dead produced one of the best Greek hardcore records ever.
They drew influences from Slapshot, Terror, Rise & Fall, Integrity and Celeste and unleashed this 8 song masterpiece. There's also a Slapshot cover of 'Old Tyme Hardcore', but I'd prefer to have only the I Want You Dead songs, no covers, no fills - no frills.
Songs like 'I Am Decay', 'A Million Funerals' , 'Circle' and 'Holofernes' will haunt you for months. You are warned.
This is dark metallic hardcore at its best, constantly punching you in the face.
Technical fast drumming, super heavy yet super melodic and well structured riffs, fucking awesome brutal vocals... Ladies and gentlemen, I Want You Dead.
Extra props for the album artwork, which features an early religious painting of 1599 by Caravaggio, representing Judith beheading Holofernes. Due to some wikipedia search, Judith, the Jewish heroine, found the Babylonian invading general Holofernes, made him drunk and then beheaded him, helping his country to resist the invaders...

The album will be released in vinyl format (probably) in early autumn

P.S. Latest news are that their vocalist left the band and the guys replaced him with the singer of Fields Of Locust.