Strength Approach
Stand your ground MCD / 7"
Countdown Records | Demons Run Amok
Alright. I've been waiting for this since months. The latest Strength Approach album 'All the plans we made are going to fail' was a blast, so I had big expectations about this 7" / MCD. So, Luca | Countdown sent me out the promo last week and I've listened to it more than 15 times, to be honest! 4 songs, in less than 10 minutes, of straight up in your face hardcore the way that Strength Approach know well. Their sound in this EP is a bit more rough / NYHC influenced, I must admit. There are not any punk rock melodies or youth crew parts, as they used to put in in the past, but more Terror-like hardcore. That's not bad at all, of course.
They also remind me a bit of Madball and No Turning Back... By the way, Martjin NTB offers some guest vocals, along with Andre of Gold Kids fame (and also owner of Anchors Aweigh Records) and Holly D., a UK sex model / adult performer... Eh?!
The only problem is that I cannot read the lyrics because the package was exposed in the rain and the water got inside the CD booklet and destroyed everything, pff! As I can figure out, Alex sings about the typical hardcore issues like 'standin' your ground', 'spitting your rage' etc. Nothing ground-breaking, but still ok.
Just for the trivia, the artwork of 'Stand your ground' (which I don't like so much, though) was made by the well known American illustrator Dave Quiggle who has worked with Shockwave, Paramore, Sick Of It All, New Found Glory, etc.).
I'm gonna ask Strength Approach to play Positively Positive Hardcore Fest 2010, don't you want me to?

P.S. This 4-song EP is the precursor of their new full length 'With or without you' that will be released later this year.