Sin perdon 7"
Redstar73 | Hysterical | Ojala me muera
I was happy to receive the new Drama 7" this morning since Drama is one of Barcelona's most sincere hardcore bands. Some of you may remember the review of their 1st 7", called 'Creacion destructiva', back in 2007-8. As far as I remember, it was published in Keep It Real fanzine...
So, Drama are back with a fucking awesome new record, maintaining their original line up , 3/4 of which consists of females. 'Sin perdon' includes 4 songs of heavy hardcore fueled with metallic riffs and a strong punk attitude. The band states Cro-Mags, Bad Religion and Sepultura as their influences, but I dare to say that their style is similar to Walls Of Jericho (not so metal, though) , Strife and Earth Crisis. There's surely a Cro-Mags touch in it, as well.
3 out of 4 songs are in Spanish language, while there's a song in English, too. All lyrics, as I can figure out, are about social and political issues, and that's definitely an extra point!
I'm really happy that Drama go on strong and I can't wait to review their first full length album sometime in the future!
I forgot to say that the artwork is awesome, featuring a drawing representing something like a huge worker's demonstration. Moreover, there's a code with a download link available in the insert. I'll try to get some copies for my distro asap.