Bulldog Courage
From heartache to hatred CD
WTF Records | Thorp Records
There's a lot of noise surrounding Bulldog Courage lately, so I was glad to receive their new record (and first full length as far as I know, they have already released a 7" in Seasick Records, as well) by Tim / What The Fuck Records. The CD is licensed by the well known US hardcore label Thorp Records.
Bulldog Courage feature ex-members of Stigmata (do you remember them?!) and Only Revenge.
So, 'From heartache to hatred' includes 14 songs of passionate street punk / hardcore that will strongly remind you of Blood For Blood. You know the deal; blue collar rock 'n' roll hardcore with an oi! touch, rough vocals, songs about friendship, neighborhood, friendship, alcohol, friendship, hating cops and friendship!
Their music style is the perfect mixture of old school hardcore, punk rock and oi! music, so any fan of bands like Agnostic Front, Warzone, Blood For Blood and Cock Sparrer will surely love them!
To be honest, it isn't something groundbreaking or a CD that I will keep listening for years, but at least it's cool and true. Check 'em out yourself.