Convicted MCD
Blood & Ink Records
For those who don't know, Blood & Ink Records is a hardcore / metal label from Richmond, Virginia, affiliated with bands that adhere Christian beliefs and way of life. I know that Christian hardcore is a huge topic that needs a deep and thorough discussion; for some people its existence is controversial and for others is a very natural aspect of an alternative and open-minded movement.
Nevertheless, we won't discuss this topic now, so let's talk about Dependency!
The band was formed just one year ago, even though its former members were active in their local scene (that means Tennessee). Their first MCD called 'Convicted' features 7 songs (among them there is one instrumental track) of pure metal / hardcore in the vein of Life In Your Way, Misery Signals and Poison The Well. There's also a 90s hardcore touch in some of the songs, while some moments reminded me of xDisciplex A.D. and Strife.
The band members' technical skills are of high quality and the songs are very well structured, so even though this style is not my cup of tea, I can easily push repeat and listen to the record many times in a row.
The lyrics are about personal demons, society's obstacles and the trust & dedication to God. Really nice lyrics, whether you agree with Christianity or not.
I really like the simplicity of the cover and the booklet that strongly reminds me of 90s hardcore bands' artwork. Well done.
The band is playing some shows in churches and galleries this summer, so if you visit south/mid-east USA, go catch them live!

P.S. The record was mastered by Jay Maas of Defeater (who has also worked with Verse & Have Heart).