Time Has Come
Disaster zone MCD
Pee Records
Time Has Come is one of the newest additions to the Pee Records roster.
They come from Brisbane, Australia, and 'Disaster zone' is their 2nd release, following up their self-titled EP back in 2008.
So, Time Has Come offer 8 songs of brutal / heavy / metallic hardcore fueled with breakdowns, double-bass drumming, a few 2 step parts, a voice a la Jamey Jasta and gang back vocals.
If you like bands like Hatebreed, early Throwdown, Stick To Your Guns and Bury Your Dead, you'll probably get nuts with Time Has Come!
It's not my cup of tea, but it's heavy and catchy, so I guess it'll be well-accepted by the majority of the metallic hardcore scene!
Nothing ground-breaking, but you won't get bored while listening to them.
The artwork kicks ass; Bill Hauser, who has worked with Bane and Energy, is responsible for it!
A very short review, don't you think?!