The path of ages MCD / 7''
Cobra X Records
AYS stands for Against Your Society.
Moreover, AYS is one of the most hard-working and most frequently touring hardcore / punk bands from Germany.
Their latest release is this 6-song MCD / 7", that follows their debut full length called 'Wreck My Soul'. They have also released 'The strength we share' 7", a split 7" with With Fire, along with a couple of demos & tapes. Not bad for a band that is active for around 5-6 years, don't you think?
So, 'The path of ages' songs are in the unique AYS style; that means modern hardcore with melodic & intense guitar riffs, desperate vocals and fucking energetic vibes bubbling over with enthusiasm!
I like the lyrics, too. They are poetic enough to avoid the cliches and hardcore enough to avoid the elite...
The production is awesome, while the packaging kicks asses. The cover artwork was done by Schommer, AYS' vocalist, who is also responsible for all the artwork & merchandise of the band, plus he has worked with a lot of hardcore bands / labels and a couple of skateboard companies.
Fans of Modern Life Is War, This Is Hell, Carpathian and the likes will surely love AYS.
There's a Cro-Mags touch, of course, too.
Check out both 'The path of ages' and 'Wreck my soul', they rule!