Time Of Defeats
s/t CD
Incarnate Records
Let's get back to the Ukranian scene!
Time Of Defeats come from Kiev and they will haunt your stereo, for sure.
First of all, the cover rules, reminding me of the Holy Terror stuff, Integrity, Ringworm and the likes. The booklet rules, as well. Awesome deviant piece of art.
So, the first release of Time Of Defeats (kick-ass band name) includes 8 songs of metallic 90s hardcore, like a mix of Unbroken with Arkangel and Slayer guitar riffs / solos.
There's also a dark atmosphere floating in the air, that makes you feel like you are walking in a gloomy corridor to nowhere. (This is poetry).
Time Of Defeats sing in Russian language, but there are translations available, too. So, the lyrics are not positive at all... On the contrary, they are all about negative feelings, anger & frustration towards the society.
All in all, an awesome CD, dark and heavy as hell. You can download it ,if you visit their myspace or Incarnate's myspace. By the way, Incarnate Records is a new label and this CD is their 1st release. They seem to be too much into the Holy Terror stuff, and that's cool! You can check their blog, there are some nice posts (most of them in Russian language, though) and an interview with Dwid (Integrity), which you can download in english language, too.
Eastern European hardcore back on the map.