demo 2008 CD
Reason Records
Ukranian post number 3!
So, this time we have Clearsight, a powerful youth crew band, that does not exist anymore.
And that's very sad, because their demo rules!
6 songs and a Straight Ahead cover in less than 7 minutes!
This is metal-free, in your face hardcore, influenced by the '88 straight edge revival, plus the mid 90s straight edge hardcore scene. Do you want me to name bands? You know the deal... Youth Of Today, Side By Side, Negative Approach, Bold, Insted...
And damn, how many bands cover Straight Ahead nowadays??? The majority of the kids do not even know Straight Ahead (trivia: mid 80s New York hardcore band feat. Graig Setari of Youth Of Today, and later in Sick Of It All & Agnostic Front, as a bassist).
Clearsight offer fast & intense hardcore, available for sing-alongs, 2 step dancing and furious stage-dives.
It's a shame that they split up...
Reason Records from Ukraine (formerly known as Times Together Records) released their CD (incl. awesome packaging!) and a limited edition of 25 tapes (sold out since ages). I think that I Drink Milk Records from Hungary has re-released the Clearsight tape, but it's sold out, too. Give it a try, anyway.