Narrows / Heiress
split 7"
Deathwish Inc.
2 of Seattle's (even though Narrows are not exactly based in Seattle...) best metal / hardcore bands team up for this cute 7".
On A side, we have Narrows, a band that, I guess, the majority of the readers of this blog know. For the minority, Narrows is an all star band consisting of ex-members of bands like Unbroken, Botch, These Arms Are Snakes, Some Girls etc. They have released a 7" and the groundbreaking full length called 'New distances' via Deathwish.
In this split, they offer 2 brand new songs of their technical metallic hardcore style, that kick ass.
But, what grabs my attention in this split, is the Heiress side. To be honest, I did not know the existence of this band before the release of this split... Heiress feature John Pettibone (of Undertow, Himsa & Botch fame) and they play awesome dark & heavy hardcore with technical riffs. I'd really like to hear more from them as soon as possible. I think they have released a self-titled 7", as well...
Cool split, check it out!