Go Back Home
Show your real face MCD
Hurry Up Records
Go Back Home is a new yet very active modern hardcore band from south Italy, based in Palermo. 'Show your real face' is their debut record featuring 7 songs of modern, powerful hardcore in the vein of Comeback Kid, Verse, Modern Life Is War and the likes. There's an early Shai Hulud touch here, as well. And don't forget to add some metalcore parts.
To be honest, Go Back Home confuse me a bit with what they are playing. I'm not saying that they do not know what style to play, but, in my humble opinion, they must set it more straight and get to the point... Sometimes, when I listen to a perfect modern hardcore riff, some metalcore influenced parts come and ruin this perfection! Moreover, I'd prefer just one vocalist, the growls that they use every now & then are a bit boring. And last but not least, they have to add some catchiness (I don't mean they must write hits, of course!) in their songs, in order to get remembered easier.
Nevertheless, the production is awesome, the guitars are technical enough and I really like their solos and the more experimental parts, the rhythm section is tight as hell, so everything else is more than ok!
I really like the digipack case and the CD cover as well.
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