Youth Crew 2010
compilation 7"
Positive & Focused | Monument | Youth Crew Records
2 years after the release of Youth Crew 08 compilation 7" (which included True Colors, One Voice, Go For Broke & Mindset among others), Positive And Focused, hardcore label from Holland, teams up again with Sweden's finest, Monument Records and Italy's legend-label, Youth Crew Records, in order to release this awesome compilation 7", that represents the nowadays youth crew / straight edge hardcore scene.
10 bands (2 more than Youth Crew 08) from all over the world are featured in this nice red-colored, heavy, vinyl, demonstrating their uncompromising, fast, metal-free, youth crew hardcore style, either influenced from the early days of hardcore, by the '88 era, by the mid-90s youth crew scene, or even creating their own, unique style.
Youth crew hardcore, all styles included!
So, the bands that participate are:
A side: Alert (Massachussetts, USA, www.myspace.com/alertstraightedge), Pressure (feat. ex-Pointing Finger members, Faro, Portugal, www.myspace.com/xpressurehcx), Fumbles In Life (Milano, Italy, www.myspace.com/fumblesinlife), State Of Affairs (I've reviewed their tape, if you remember, Tilburg, The Netherlands, www.myspace.com/stateofaffairshc) and Forever Young (check out the review of their new 7", 'The Chance', will be available soon, Umea, Sweden, www.myspace.com/foreveryounghc).
B side: Reveal The Truth (Florida, USA, www.myspace.com/revealstraightedge), Half The Battle (check out the review of their latest release in this blog, Cavite, Philippines, www.myspace.com/xhalfthebattlex), Rearranged (there's still a copy of their demo 2008 tape in the distro, Moscow, Russia, www.myspace.com/rearrangedhc), Staid (Philippines, www.myspace.com/xstaidx) and Outlast (not the Swedish ones, New Jersey, USA, www.myspace.com/outlastxxx).
My personal favorites are Forever Young, Half The Battle, Fumbles In Life, Rearranged and Outlast, but all the songs are fucking awesome, no left-overs here, only quality youth crew stuff.
The cover & back cover artwork are awesome, too, designed by my friend Javi from Spain (check his site but do not put pressure in him to get designs, tons of bands ask about it everyday, hehe, www.myspace.com/almaltiempo).
Fantastic compilation; available in our distro.
Me, you, youth crew!