Forever Young
The chance 7"
Monument | I For Us
Brand new 7" by Sweden's Forever Young, following their 10-song CD 'The guarantee', which was released by Monument, xThreatx & Self X True Records (I think I'm getting some distro copies of this sooner or later) last year.
'The Chance' comes in a sweet orange vinyl and is accompanied by an awesome cover & insert with lyrics, full of quality pictures.
It includes 6 songs + an intro, 7 minutes in total, of furious vegan / straight edge hardcore, with clean vocals, catchy riffs and some double-pedal drumming. Forever Young are obviously influenced by fellow Swedish bands like Anchor, but they have a strongly unique approach in their sound, that it's hard for anyone to draw any comparisons. I could say that their influences vary from 90s youth crew to modern hardcore a la Bane and Down To Nothing.
Their lyrics are about straight edge, the hardcore scene, the vegan way of life and their hometown's local scene, Umea. Cool lyrics, in general!
Forever Young appears in 'Edge, The Movie', as well, a DVD release dedicated to the straight edge movement, along with Ian Mackaye, Have Heart etc. It's released by Compassion| Media and you have to check it out!
I keep listening to 'The Chance' almost 10 times in a row, awesome release.
And like all the awesome releases, you can buy it from our distro for less than a beer in your favorite bar. Besides that, beer sucks hard.