Hopeless sons MCD
Pee Records
'Hell is other people' - Jean Paul Sartre (1905-1980)

Woah! Promises is a hardcore band based in Gold Coast, Australia and was formed around 5 months ago, in early 2010! Despite this fact, they managed to release an awesome EP including 5 songs of furious and heavy yet emotional modern hardcore.
Taking the best elements of Carpathian and Ruiner and drawing influences from Killing The Dream, Have Heart, Defeater and the likes, they create a unique sound. Their songs are heartfelt enough to create feelings to the listeners, and that's a very strong point that distinguishes Promises from the chugga-chugga, macho / tough guy hardcore generation that is, unfortunately, still prominent in today's hardcore scene, even though it exists in lesser amounts than it did a few years ago.
Moreover, Promises' lyrics are very nice and thorough, therefore the band has definitely something to say.
I really dig the whole aesthetic of the cover and the booklet, mostly based in photographs, depicting landscapes and the city by night. The cover consists of 5 panoramic photos that Danai would kill to have them in original format, hehe!
All in all, an awesome release. I'll be patiently waiting for Promises' first full length.
Thanks to Pee Records for being stubborn enough to continue putting out quality releases.

'We are your empty, hopeless sons. Put your faith in us. We are your empty hopeless daughters. Put your faith in us. We're empty and it's hopeless'