Sense Of Urgency / Stand Out Riot / A War Against Sound
split CD
TNS Records
This is a cool 3 way split of ska punk rock music, featuring 3 bands from the United Kingdom. As far as I remember, a guy from A War Against Sound sent me this CD a couple (or more) of months ago.
First in the split we have Sense Of Urgency, coming from Manchester. They offer 4 songs of fast ska / punk rock in the vein of Against All Authority and Leftover Crack. I really like their style and I dare to say that their songs are my favorite ones of this split. The band exists since the early 00s.
Next we have Stand Out Riot from Manchester, as well, consisting of 3 female and 4 male members. Their style is a mixture of sax-driven Streetlight Manifesto and Capdown with some Gogol Bordello parts (that I definitely do not like). Also, they remind me a lot of UK's finest Sonic Boom Six... All in all, they are a nice band that I can easily listen to, even though their songs could be a bit shorter.
Last but not least, there is the band I mentioned before, A War Against Sound. They are into fast, heavy and technical ska punk. Unfortunately, the band called it quits 2 weeks ago... You can download their unreleased 6-song EP from their myspace page, though.
To conclude with, if you are a fan of ska punk rock (no matter the style), you should check this split out, it won't disappoint you at all!