Left Cold
demo CDR
self - released
Left Cold is a brand new band from Hameenlinna, Finland.
I had the chance to meet Joonas, their vocalist, in the last Endstand show ever in Helsinki the previous month and he's a really cool and dedicated guy.
So, I'm happy enough to review Left Cold's first demo ever, which includes 3 songs of heavy hardcore in the vein of Down To Nothing, Terror and the likes. There's also some dark metallic parts thrown in the mix, plus some Bane stuff.
The production is not good, though, and this does not help the band members to unfold their technical skills.
The CDR Joonas sent me includes a 20 minute live set (from a show they played on 18th March) as a bonus track, and I must say that I like it more than their demo songs; the band seems more mature and energetic during their live sets!
We have to keep an eye on Left Cold because they have the potential and the passion to grow up bigger in the future. I'll be waiting for their first proper release!
I had a bunch of demos in my distro but I think that they are all gone... Ask your copy straight from the band, they'll be happy to help you out!