Global Parasite
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Global Parasite is a band coming from North Wales, United Kingdom. Some of you may be familiar with them, since there was a review of their first 7" split along with The Arteries in this blog a couple of years ago...
So, Global Parasite's first full length includes 13 songs of in your face, ultra political / DIY hardcore / punk music, with a strong & tight production and an awesome cover!
As I wrote above, the band's lyrics deal with strictly political issues, not in the 'fuck authority / fuck the system / fuck you all' way, but with a more thought-provoking manner.
Global Parasite reminds me a bit of Leftover Crack (without the ska elements, except of the intro), but there's also an 80s hardcore / punk vibe, with a modern touch, of course.
It seems that the UK scene is growing bigger lately, and that's definitely cool, because the land that gave punk to the world was a bit in hiatus during the previous years...

'Countless people will hate the new world order and will die protesting against it' - H.G. Wells (1939).