Demo 2009 CDR
Love Pills & Whiskey Records
My friend Nikolai from Ukraine sent me a cool package the other day, including a bunch of releases of local bands. So, let's piss on all the overhyped major / mainstream bands and dive deep into the underground scenes of countries like Ukraine. Believe me, these scenes have a lot to offer and there are bands absolutely dedicated and way better than a lot of the Western Europe's nonsense hardcore bands, which a lot of the ultra spoiled kids use to worship.
Well, Woundead is a band from Kiev, Ukraine's capital, and this is their first demo (as far as I know), which comes in a fucking awesome screen-printed paper-case. Unfortunately, I cannot find any decent cover of the demo in jpeg format and I do not think that you can figure out its quality by the picture I use here...
Nevertheless, the Woundead demo includes 3 songs plus an incredible cover of Cro - Mags' 'Hard times', one of the best Cro-Mags covers I've ever listened to.
The Woundead songs are into heavy hardcore style, strongly influenced by bands like Cro-Mags & Black Flag, while taking inspiration by more metallic acts like Celtic Frost and maybe Bolt Thrower, and, of course, 90s hardcore.
Also, there's a dark atmosphere in their songs, and I really dig this!
I'll upload more Ukrainian releases in the next days, it seems that there's a strong scene growing there (check also Aspire, they rule!).