Sista Sekunden
Aldras med stil CD
Instigate Records | Fight For Your Mind
Damn! This record is groovie as hell!
For those who aren't aware, Sista Sekunden is one of the most hard-working, constantly touring, best punk rock / hardcore acts of Sweden. They may sing in their native language, but this aspect does not prevent them from writing songs (and consequently records) full of catchy punk rock tunes, taking influences by the 80s/90s Swedish punk rock / melodic hardcore scene and 70s rock, as well.
Their songs are not just catchy but fucking well-structured, as well, since all the band members are experienced enough to deliver uncompromising punk rock music to dance with.
The new record, and third in the row, consists of 13 songs in the unique Sista Sekunden style, even though it seems to me that the album is both more mature & more melodic. And this is undoubtedly good!
A big thanks goes to Andy (their guitarist & owner of Instigate Records) for sending me the CD and for distributing Keep It Real fanzine!
Moreover, I am happy enough to see Julian (also drummer for Atlas Losing Grip) still involved in Sista Sekunden!
Get the CD from our distro, we have a couple of copies in stock. You won't regret it; I keep listening to it since yesterday morning!