Half The Battle
What we have CD
Take Four Collective | Major Malfunction
One of South East Asia's best hardcore secret unleashes its straight edge fury to the western world!
Half The Battle come from Philippines and they were formed back in 2004. 'What we have' is their first full length album; prior to this, they have also released a demo and a 3 way split CD along with fellow local hardcore acts Feud (WAK distributed their discography CD some years ago...) and Play.
So, Half The Battle deliver 14 songs of ultra positive / in your face and fast straight edge / youth crew music. There's also a cover ('Positive thinking') of the legendary 90s band Rancor.
This is fucking youth crew with a positive attitude, thought provoking lyrics and political meanings. There's, also, a song about guestlists... Rad!
No fucking cliches here. If you are seeking for Nike shoes, pizzas, stylish hoods and baseball fonts, stop reading this review... I mean, cliches are cool sometimes, but this whole youth crew cliche revival is getting on my nerves. Seriously. Every fucking band with a 2-step part follow those cliches. How pathetic!
Nevertheless, 'What we have' is a must have record for all the straight edge / youth crew kids, who are into In My Eyes, Insted, Chain Of Strength and the likes.
Just Another Day from Belgium released this masterpiece in vinyl format a couple of weeks ago. Damn! I have to get this asap!
(I think there's still a copy of the CD version available in our distro).