Why we fight 7"
Commitment Records
xCurraheex comes from Manchester, UK, and this is their 2nd 7", that was released by the legendary Dutch label, Commitment Records, including 7 songs of fast, in your face old school / youth crew hardcore.
Obviously, they are into vegetarian / straight edge ideals, so their songs are focused in this style of music, trying to combine all the straight edge eras, from the late 80s to early 00s.
Their music is fueled with intensity and aggressiveness, while there's a huge positive mindset in the band, which I totally dig!
By the way, due to a little wikipedia search I did, Currahee is a word that in the Cherokee (Indian) language means 'we all stand together alone'.
The production is rad and the artwork (if you take aside that military aspect that I totally disagree with, even though I understand that the artist did it on a humoristic purpose) is awesome, done by Javi / almaltiempo, who has worked with World's Appreciated Kitsch in the past, as well.
All in all, 'Why we fight' is a very nice record, and to be honest I didn't expect something less good from Robert & Commitment Records!
if you like Project X, Carry On and Judge, you'll like this, too.
Straight edge kids & fans of straight edge, or old school hardcore in general, check this out.
Straight edge, both as a musical style and as a life stance, is still alive and has a lot to offer to the scene, no matter if a lot of kids mock it or do not take it seriously. You lose.