Earth Of Distrust
Proselytize CD
self - released
Earth Of Distrust is a band that started back in 2004 in order to combine their hardcore, metal, sludge and post-hardcore influences in a solid sound. They have already released the demo CD 'I am sin', which got amazing reviews from the local metal related magazines & websites.
Earth Of Distrust's singer and guitar player is Spoonman, a long time friend of mine, since he was singing in Noise Leftover, while I was screaming in Disharmonic. I must say that he is a very good & talented guy. He also sings, occasionally, for The Brightly Shining Sea, another cool local band.
'Proselytize' is the first full length album for the Earth Of Distrust trio, coming in a professional digipack case with a 'questioning religion' kind of concept artwork, as you can see in the cover posted above.
The album includes 8 songs, varying from short outbursts to 10 minute long elegies.
Their style can be described as a mixture of post hardcore / metal, with some hardcore / punk / 'n' roll stitches, sludge parts a la Eyehategod, and even some Melvins influences.
Bands like Isis, Kylesa & Integrity are stated as Earth Of Distrust's mentors.
To be honest, I cannot label the band as metal / hardcore / post-metal whatever. It's very hard for me to categorize their music. Surely, it's not your typical hardcore / punk, and of course it's not your typical metal band, but if you are a bit open-minded, you'll like them for sure!
Moreover, I believe that the weird style of music the band plays, is their strong element, while, on the other side, this is the main reason why Earth Of Distrust are not big enough here in Greece, while their music & technical skills are of high quality.
Nevertheless, 'Proselytize' is a very nice album, that all fans of heavy music should purchase. It costs 8 euros and you can get it either from the band or our distro & Rhythm Records. The live presentation of the album will take place in Sin City this Thursday (15th July), show up!