This sheltering night CD
Deathwish Inc.
20 years after their inception (to be more accurate, they were formed in 1989), Philadelphia's Starkweather return with their 4th full length album, weirdly entitled 'This sheltering night'.
For those who haven't heard of the band before, we must say that they were one of the most controversial (musically) bands of the 90s hardcore scene. They never fitted in one style of music, but they were always combining the best elements of metal, hardcore and avant-garde music. Being part of a scene including Overcast, Endpoint, Converge, Coalesce and Rorschach, is not an easy thing for sure, so that's why Starkweather never got famous enough. In addition to this, their hiatus between 1996 and 2006 was a great obstacle to overcome.
Nevertheless, Starkweather got back in 2006 releasing the 'Croatoan' record on the Candlelight & Hypertension labels. A record that attracted some huge publicity and awesome reviews.
Now, in 2010, Starkweather, after having signed with Deathwish, unleash their 4th opus, an epic record fueled with metallic riffs, post-hardcore parts and electronic soundscapes (by Sophia Perennis and Oktopus a.k.a. dalek). There's also a moody atmosphere, that is also present in some of Integrity's songs, while the vocals vary from growls and screams to poetic-driven ones. All in all 11 amazing songs, counting more than 70 minutes!
Fans of a variety of bands, from Between The Buried And Me to This Will Destroy You, check Starkweather out, you'll lose your head.
It's definitely not the most 'easy' record to listen to, but life's hard, so I can't see why music has to be easy...
To conclude with, Charles Starkweather was executed on June 25th, 1959, in Lincoln, Nebraska, at the age of 20. Starkweather had already murdered 11 people on a two-month killing spree, while travelling all over the USA along with his girlfriend.
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