East Europe | Straight Edge
compilation CD
Threat Records | Hard X Times Records
This blog is absolutely supportive of and affiliated with the worldwide straight edge movement, even though World's Appreciated Kitsch is open-minded enough not to focus on just the straight edge scene. At the end of the day, we are all humyn, straight edge or not. Each one can and must decide for him/her-self. Nevertheless, as you may have already figured out, World's Appreciated Kitsch is definitely into the vegetarian / straight edge way of life, and we'll keep it this way as much as we can.
Consequently, we are happy enough to learn that new labels pop out in countries where the political straight edge movement is not so popular or there's not hype surrounding it, as in the western civilization. Threat Records from Czech Rep. & HardXTimes from Russia are two of those labels, that along with Self X True (from Russia, too) , Reason Records (ex-Times Together, from Ukraine) and a bunch of other awesome labels, keep the flame alive in East Europe.
The first release of Threat Records and the 5th one for HardXTimes is this compilation CD, combining 10 bands from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Each band contributes with 2 songs, making this compilation lasting long enough, featuring 20 songs in total.
All hardcore styles, from 80s youth crew to 90s metallic hardcore, and from melodic hardcore to beatdown moshcore, are included in a good measure each. The bands that participate are: Engage At Will (St.Petersburg, Russia, www.myspace.com/engageatwill), Verdict (Moscow, Russia, www.myspace.com/xverdictx), Deviant (Ukraine, Kiev, www.myspace.com/xdeviantxua), Flawless Victory (Moscow, Russia, www.myspace.com/flawlessvictorymscxxx), Still (Odessa, Ukraine, www.myspace.com/stillxhc), High X Hopes (Moscow, Russia, www.myspace.com/highhopesxxx), Appleshout (Minsk, Belarus, www.myspace.com/appleshout), Face Forward (Minsk, Belarus, www.myspace.com/xfaceforwardx), Keep On Fighting (Sevastopol, Ukraine, www.myspace.com/keeponfightinghc) and Ace Ventura (Zelenodolsk, Ukraine, www.myspace.com/aceventurazelenodolsk).
A very nice line up, even though the East European scene has a lot more straight edge bands to offer, with Your Fucking Nightmare (full length out by WAK in a couple of weeks, yeah!) from Czech Rep. and Aspire from Ukraine being among them, plus the whole Polish straight edge scene!
The bands I like the most in this compilation are Verdict (we've already reviewed their full length in this blog, while the review of their split with Shiver and Hoy Es El Dia is coming this week), High X Hopes, Flawless Victory, Face Forward and Engage At Will. This does not mean that the rest of the bands are not good; on the contrary, they offer hardcore / punk music of high quality standards.
Well done!!!